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Language and Speech: Processing and Disorders

Mission and ambitions

Producing and understanding language, as well as the ontogenesis of these abilities, are determined by the structure and function of the human brain, the senses and the motor apparatus. One of the missions of the field of linguistics is to describe and explain how the brain/mind gives rise to language. The LSPD group aims to contribute to this mission by studying language acquisition and language processing in typical and atypical populations. We specifically take a (neuro)cognitive perspective. Our research thus aims at uncovering the mechanisms that enable humans to translate physical stimuli into meaning; how this translation takes place in real time at all levels: phonological, morphological, syntactic and discourse; at investigating what happens with these mechanisms in situations of typical and abnormal development and disruption. We assume that studying disorders contributes to our understanding of the intact system. However, our work on disordered language not only serves a scientific objective. It is also meant to contribute to generating knowledge about language pathologies that may benefit clinical practices concerning adults and children with speech-language disorders.